[Tech] nodes caching frequently requested files

Jan keks at unstable.nl
Mon Apr 18 22:02:05 BST 2011


I'm completely new to freenet, actually I had this idea and someone told
me that this already exists. Awesome! So I'm not sure if this is done
already, I couldn't find anything on this. My idea is that if there are
seedboxes (sry I'm from the bt world, dunno how you call them), and, say,
50GB of free disk space, and there is this new episode of, say, Pioneer
One, and every 30 minutes he has to route the very same file. Couldn't we
implement the option to cache that file so other nodes are less seizured
and the file gets more seeders. The same technique could be used to keep
files with few seeders alive, of cause. Is this already implemented? If
not, what do you think of the idea?


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