[Tech] Akamai

Michael Rogers m.rogers at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Sun Jan 13 18:08:14 GMT 2008

Mr. Flibble wrote:
> He mentioned that a website of ours was getting blocked in china.
> It was blocked either because we linked to a page that mentioned sex, or we
> had the word sex on one of our pages.
> Anyway, he said that using akamai caching got round this.

If the filtering is based on IP address, that would make sense -
blocking an Akamai cache would cause a lot of collateral damage to
unrelated sites.

I believe the Chinese firewall also resets TCP connections if certain
keywords are detected, but maybe the word sex doesn't have a high enough
priority to get onto that particular blacklist. Try putting Falun Gong
on one of your pages and see if it still gets through. :-)

Or maybe Akamai delivers the data to its caches inside China in a
compressed or encrypted form, unintentionally circumventing the RST
filter as well as the IP filter?


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