[Announce] Freenet announces Summer of Code Projects

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Sun May 28 04:49:02 BST 2006

The Freenet Project has selected four students to work on various  
Freenet-related projects as part of the Google Summer of Code. The  
projects include email over Freenet, a user-friendly file search,  
insertion and retrieval tool, an easy-to-use installer, and  
improvements to Freenet's load balancing.

In detail, the projects are:

     *  Jerome Flesch: A file upload and download utility.
This will provide a user-friendly cross-platform interface to the  
uploading and downloading of large files. It will be a cross-platform  
replacement for Fuqid, with added search capabilities.

     * Michael Rogers: Congestion Control and Load Balancing for  
Freenet 0.7.
Michael will be working on simulations, theoretical work, and maybe  
implementation, to sort out Freenet's current load issues. Our  
present load limiting/balancing algorithm not only does not work as  
well as it should, but it also has some rather serious security issues.

     * Dave Baker: Secure, email-like messaging over Freenet.
The Freemail project lives again! Dave will code a portable Freenet- 
based email system, with strong spam prevention features and  
hopefully an optional web interface (for those who don't use SMTP/POP  
directly). This will probably be bundled with future versions of  
Freenet. It will be especially useful for human rights organizations  
and distributed development (bringing the "darknet" freenet community  
closer to the developers).

     * Florent Daigniere: Installer and related components.
Florent's proposal encompasses creating an uninstaller, sorting out  
some serious issues with the installer, creating a systray icon,  
fixing some issues with the website, and especially sorting out the  
remaining issues with free java implementations (some recent JVM- 
related bugs have shown why this is important) and packaging Freenet  
for Linux distributions.

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